Say Goodbye to Bunion Pain

Say Goodbye to Bunion Pain

Dr. Brian Doerr treats bunions in Fort Myers, FL, to help patients stay comfortable and active. If you are struggling with pain from a bunion, read more about how we treat them and contact your podiatrist for an appointment today.

What Is a Bunion?

A bunion is a bone deformity in the joint of the big toe. A bony bump forms on the side of the big toe when the toes have all been forced together. The toe joint becomes swollen and it can limit the range of motion. Bunions are more common in women due to wearing constrictive footwear more often, but anyone can develop a bunion over time.

Bunion pain will not ease on its own and a bunion will only grow in size. It can even lead to a foot deformity called hammertoe, so you should come to see us as soon as you notice any pain or swelling in the toe joint.

How Is Bunion Pain Treated?

If you have bunions in Fort Myers, FL, they can be very painful when they rub against footwear. You should wear comfortable and supportive footwear with a large toe box. When your toes have room to wiggle it relieves pressure on the bunion to prevent further deformity. To treat the pain, your podiatrist may recommend:

  • Padding - Adhesive pads affixed to the bunion help prevent pain and friction from footwear
  • Orthotics- Custom foot orthotics worn in the shoes provide extra support and comfort for the toes
  • Toe splints - Splints worn at night can help straighten out the toe but these are more effective in younger patients or for newer bunions

Bunion surgery can be performed if the bunion has become very large or more conservative measures haven't eased the pain. The bunion is removed surgically and your podiatrist stabilizes the toe joint. You can be back on your feet shortly after a bunionectomy, but a full recovery can take a couple of months so follow your podiatrist's recommendations for footwear and aftercare.

Treat Your Feet Now

Bunions are a common problem, but that doesn't mean you need to keep dealing with the pain. Dr. Brian Doerr specializes in treating bunions in Fort Myers, FL, to relieve your pain so you can stay on your feet. Contact us for an appointment now at (239) 931-3668.

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