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Treating Foot Bone Fractures

Prompt treatment of foot fractures can help you avoid chronic pain in the future. Your podiatrist in Fort Myers, FL, Dr. Brian Doerr, offers treatments that will help your broken foot heal.

How do foot fractures happen?

Landing the wrong way or dropping something on your foot aren't the only ways breaks can happen. Twisting your foot while playing sports can cause fractures, as can bumping into a hard object with your toes. Stress fractures can also affect the bones in your feet. The fractures happen when your muscles are overworked and transfer their load to your feet. This causes small cracks in a bone called stress fractures. If you don't stay off your feet after developing a stress fracture, you could develop a break in the bone.

When should I call the podiatrist if I think I fractured my foot?

Call your foot doctor right away if the bones in your foot have moved out of place, you're in severe pain, your foot is swollen or numb, you have an open wound, or you can't put any weight on your foot. If it's been a week or two since you injured your foot and it's not getting better or the pain is worsening, it's a good idea to see a podiatrist.

How are foot fractures treated?

During your visit to the Fort Myers, FL, podiatry office, your podiatrist will examine and X-ray your foot to determine the extent of your injuries. Treatment depends on the severity of the break. If you have a stress fracture or a minor fracture, rest, and wearing a stiff-soled shoe, boot, or cast will help your foot heal. Broken toes are usually treated by buddy-taping the toe to another toe for support.

If the broken bone has moved out of its normal position, a reduction will move it back in place. This treatment involves moving the broken ends of the bone back together. Before this treatment, you'll receive an anesthetic or muscle relaxant. Severe breaks may require surgery. Screws, plates, or pins may be used to keep the bone together while it heals.

Do you think you may have broken your foot? Call your Fort Myers, FL, podiatrist, Dr. Doerr, at (239) 931-3668 to schedule an appointment.

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