Corns: What They Are and How to Treat Them
By Brian K. Doerr, DPM, PA
October 29, 2018
Category: Podiatry
Tags: Corns  

Foot CornsYour feet put in a lot of work, so it's understandable that they might show signs of the wear and tear they endure on a daily basis. One of the common ways your feet respond to constant walking and standing is by developing corns. Of course, we're not talking about the grain that comprises many of your meals and snacks. If you're unsure what a corn is and how it's related to your foot health, read below and contact Dr. Brian Doerr, your foot doctor in Fort Myers, Florida, for any additional answers.

What are corns?

A corn is a dome-shaped, thickened area of dead skin on the feet. Like calluses, corns develop as the body's way of protecting the skin from injury. They usually form on areas that are subject to repeated pressure and friction, the most common spots being the tops and sides of the toes. Not all corns are symptomatic, but some will cause inflammation of the skin beneath them, leading to pain and swelling. People with diabetes or other conditions that cause nerve damage or circulation problems are at particular risk for developing complications from corns.

How are corns treated?

If you have a corn that is bothering you, an examination from your Fort Myers foot doctor can determine the best way to treat it. Soaking your foot in warm water and then buffing the corn with a pumice stone may be all that is necessary. Application of over-the-counter products, including patches, lotions, or other topical medications that contain salicylic acid can dissolve the dead skin over time. Cushions and pads can also be worn to reduce pressure on the corn. If the corn fails to respond to at-home treatments, Dr. Doerr can remove it using a scalpel, although antibiotics may be needed to treat or prevent an infection.

If you have a bothersome corn, callus, or other foot condition, Dr. Brian Doerr is the foot doctor to trust in Fort Myers, Florida! Contact our office today at (239) 931-3668 for an appointment.