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By Brian K. Doerr, DPM, PA
December 30, 2020
Category: Podiatry
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Common Foot Conditions and How We Treat Them

If you're walking around with a nagging foot problem it may be tempting to treat it with over the counter medication, anything that will make it easier to bear. That is, until you can't bear it anymore. It's at this point that many of us seek professional help, once we've increased the chances of complications and made fewer our treatment options. So don't think twice about reaching out to your Fort Myers, FL, podiatrist Dr. Brian Doerr to discuss how they can help you regarding the following common conditions, and to learn more of those not mentioned.

Ankle Sprains
You don't have to be an athlete to experience an ankle sprain. The strong ligaments that help connect our foot to our leg can stretch and sometimes tear with a roll or sudden twist. Mild sprains can be treated at home with ice and rest, but it's still a good idea to visit your Fort Myers, FL, podiatrist to help make that assessment as severe injuries of this type may require surgery.

Plantar Fasciitis
Common for those who spend long shifts on their feet and use unsupportive footwear. The pain is most common immediately after waking, or after periods of rest. It often goes away after the heel stretches after taking a few steps, but it typically returns. Your podiatrist can help treat it by employing orthotic devices, which produce favorable results for a majority of patients. Although for some, injection therapy or surgery may be required.

Corns and Calluses
These can often be treated with the use of padding and or a change in footwear. But your podiatrist can remove the hardened skin in the office with a scalpel.

Corns and calluses often arise due to deformities of the feet, such as conditions like hammertoes and bunions. Which may also require surgical intervention if the condition is severe enough.

Getting You Back on Your Feet
Those are just a few common foot conditions, definitely not all the most common, and absolutely not the full extent of available treatments at you Fort Myers, FL, office. To learn more, or better yet, to make your appointment today, call Dr. Doerr by dialing (239) 931-3668.