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Do not Ignore Your Heel Pain

One of the most common concerns that people have regarding their foot health is heel pain. The pain is typically felt just behind or under the heel, where your heel bone connects to your Achilles tendon. In some cases, you can even feel it on the side of your heel. Fortunately, by seeing our podiatrist, Dr. Brian Doerr, here at our practice in Fort Myers, FL, you can find relief for this common concern.

Common Symptoms of Heel Pain

Heel pain usually starts off gradually before becoming more severe, and in many cases, there isn't one singular injury that produces the issue. In fact, most cases of heel pain are caused gradually, for instance, by wearing the wrong kind of footwear. The reason for this is that flat shoes might overstretch your plantar fascia until it becomes inflamed or swollen.

If you have an injury, however, such as a tear, you will experience severe and immediate pain and even hear a popping sound when you injured your foot. Your pain may also worsen upon waking up in the morning, but then gradually ease as long as you give the affected foot ample rest throughout the day. Otherwise, your pain will grow worse towards the day’s end.

When to Visit Your Podiatrist

See your podiatrist in Fort Myers, FL, if you’re experiencing:

  • Heel pain, tingling, numbness, or fever
  • Severe heel pain and swelling
  • Heel pain and fever
  • Difficulty moving around normally
  • Heel pain that persists for more than one week or even when you’re not moving your foot
  • Difficulty standing on your tiptoe or bending the affected foot downward

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Our podiatrist will inspect your affected foot and ask you certain questions about the intensity of your pain, how much/what kind of movement you perform on a daily basis, what kind of shoes you wear, and what past injuries are included in your medical history. Your knee and feet muscles will likewise be inspected to check for any abnormal skin changes or shape. However, while physical tests are sometimes enough to diagnose the cause of heel pain, in other cases, imaging scans and blood tests may be needed for a more accurate diagnosis.

Worried about Your Heel Pain?

Arrange a consultation with our podiatrist, Dr. Brian Doerr, here in our Fort Myers, FL, office by dialing (239) 931-3668.

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