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How To Prevent Bunions

Bunions can really disrupt your life and cause pain as well as make it hard to find well-fitting shoes. You must take proper precautions and steps to try and prevent bunions from developing by talking to your podiatrist, Dr. Brian Doerr in Fort Myers, FL, and learning about the best ways to prevent bunions from affecting your life.

What Are Bunions?

Bunions develop as a bone deformity at the base of the big toe. Bunions usually tend to bulge out of the side of the foot and can cause the big toe to begin to lean towards the other toes. Bunions can develop from either very high arches or very low arches. Arch issues cause the joints to bend in unnatural ways and can cause bunions to grow. Bunions can also develop from wearing shoes that are too tight.

When you suffer from bunions, you may find that pain comes from irritation and rubbing against the side of your shoes. The skin over the bunion may also become red and tender and maybe painful if you spend a long amount of time on your feet.

Preventing Bunions

There are some easy steps you may take to help prevent bunions from forming. You must buy shoes that are comfortable to stand in and also fit properly. To find shoes that fit properly, you should shop for shoes in the evening, because your feet are largest at the end of the day.

If you struggle with an arch problem, you may want to invest in shoe inserts that correct any arch issues you may deal with. Self-care is also an important part of preventing bunions from forming. You must care for your feet and have routines like soaking your feet in Epsom salt baths after a long day.

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