Taking Care of Your Feet as You Age

Taking Care of Your Feet as You Age

Foot care largely goes unnoticed and with such a fast-paced life and as you age, this article will hopefully bring one to heel and contemplate how best to care for their health. But don't you worry, Dr. Brian Doerr of Fort Myers, FL, is here to help!

Basic Foot Care As You Age

  1. Regular visits to your podiatrist are a great way to prevent diseases. It's a simple preventive measure to get ahead of any serious issues.
  2. Pay attention to your feet and any irregular changes like color, temperature, discolored nails, and abnormal moles.
  3. Wash your feet daily with lukewarm soap and water, especially between your toes.
  4. Trim toenails straight across to avoid nails penetrating the skin and causing infections and/or an ingrown toenail.
  5. Wearing properly fitting shoes. A good trick is to go shopping later in the day when feet are swollen from daily activities to get the most comfortable pair of shoes.
  6. Wear the appropriate shoes for the activity: running shoes when running and court shoes when playing tennis, for example.
  7. Wash shoes or shoe inserts to avoid fungal inserts.
  8. Avoid walking barefoot, especially at gym showers, where you may contract a fungal infection or hurt your feet.
  9. Sunscreen is as important for your feet as any other body part to protect against UV radiation and cancer.
  10. Diabetics should schedule a foot checkup at least once a year to ensure proper blood flow to extremities.

Common Foot Diseases and Treatments

There are many foot diseases and foot issues linked to infections, faulty foot structures, and aging. Here are two examples:

  • Athlete’s foot: It's a contagious condition caused by fungus in wet environments like a locker room, public shower, and swimming pool. Symptoms include:
    • Itchiness
    • Stinging and burning sensation
    • Foot blisters
    • Fragile toenails
    • Cracked and dry skin

Treatments include visiting your Fort Myers podiatrist and using over-the-counter products.

  • Bunions: It's a bump on the side of your big toe that may make it painful to walk. The cause of bunions is hereditary or wearing poorly-fitting shoes. Symptoms include inflammation and pain, which over-the-counter pain relievers can help with, as well as speaking with your podiatrist.

Would you like to speak with a podiatrist?

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