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Treating Your Bunion Pain

Suspect that you may be dealing with a bunion? Here at the Fort Myers, FL, office of podiatrist Dr. Brian Doerr, we can examine your foot, determine if you do have this common deformity, and prescribe a proper treatment if necessary. Read on to learn more

How bunions form

A bony, sore, and often red bump at the base of the big toe, a bunion protrudes off the side of your foot, and into the lining of your shoe. As such, a bunion causes foot pain, irritated skin, calluses, and more.

Furthermore, some bunions progress into severe deformities. This occurs when the big toe crosses over the second or even third toe, causing serious gait issues. Arthritis and bursitis often develop, too.

Oftentimes, bunions form because of shoes that are too narrow and feature high heels. Accordingly, women tend to struggle with this podiatric problem more than men do. Heredity plays a role, as well.

Unfortunately, bunions usually worsen over time, unless you get help from your podiatrist in his Fort Myers, FL, office. Dr. Doerr uses a simple hands-on exam and digital X-ray screening to diagnose bunions and to formulate treatment plans based on individual needs.

Treating bunion pain

Severe cases require bunionectomy, a procedure that entails surgical removal of the deformity and a re-alignment of the big toe. However, this is typically not the case, as most bunions respond well to conservative measures. Your treatment plan could include some combination of interventions such as:

  • Foot padding in the shoe (moleskin) to reduce friction
  • Over-the-counter shoe orthotics (inserts) to support flat arches and correct gait problems such as overpronation
  • Change of shoes to ones with wide toe boxes and low heels
  • Ibuprofen for pain and inflammation
  • In-office corn and callus removal
  • Night-time splints for young people to re-align the big toes
  • Weight loss as needed
  • Ice the sore areas to relieve swelling
  • Rest as much as possible
  • Perform stretching exercises daily to maintain joint mobility

Have happy feet again

If you are struggling with bunions, seek out treatment from your podiatrist in Fort Myers, FL, Dr. Brian Doerr. Call our office today for an appointment: (239) 931-3668.

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