When To See Your Foot Doctor

When To See Your Foot Doctor

Dr. Brian Doerr is a foot doctor in Fort Myers, FL, who understands how to handle many different foot-related health issues. Understanding when to visit a podiatrist like him is vital for your general health management. Here are a few times that you should see a podiatrist ASAP to get the help you need managing your foot-related health concerns.

You Feel Sharp Heel Pain

Do you feel immediate heel pain when you stand up after resting, pain that spreads through the rest of your foot? You may have some ligament or tendon damage that needs repair. This problem may also be symptomatic of many other conditions, requiring you to work with a podiatrist you can trust.

After a Sprain or Strain

While a general doctor can help with ankle sprains or strains, you should work with a podiatrist on your overall treatment. These professionals can help stabilize your ankle and provide pain medications and physical therapy options that can help improve your recovery time and success.

Weight Causes Pain

If you find yourself suffering from pain when putting more weight than usual on your foot, there's a problem that needs to be treated. It could be the result of muscle weakness and many other health concerns. Getting treatment from a podiatrist can help you overcome this problem.

When Breaking a Foot

Breaking a foot is always a troubling situation and can cause excessive pain and suffering. Working with a foot doctor in Fort Myers, FL, on this problem is always a wise choice. They'll know how to spot symptoms of improvement and steer you towards better physical therapy options as well.

Noticing Skin Discolorations

Are your feet starting to change color unexpectedly? This change could indicate many different health issues, such as a decreased blood flow or even infections. Working with a foot physician on this problem spots its overall symptoms and helps you recover from this standard and problematic issue.

You Notice Structural Changes

Over the years, your feet may change in structure in several subtle ways. For example, it isn't uncommon to experience either a higher or fallen arch in your feet. This problem is concerning because it can lead to a lot of unnecessary pain and even gait changes. Talk to a podiatrist right away to get help.

Take a Load Off Your Feet

If you need help with foot-related health problems, please call Dr. Doerr right away to learn more. He is a foot doctor in Fort Myers, FL, that you can trust to handle many concerns. Please call us at (239) 931-3668 to learn more about the many treatment options that we can provide for your condition.

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